Meet The Characters

Black White Girl No Name

A sensitive artist, Black White Girl has spent her entire life and white environments where she is the only black girl wherever she goes. To complicate matters, when she does attempt to bond with other black women she is told that she “talks white.” Her identity as a black woman is further called into question when her white boyfriend tells her to her shock and horror that she’s “not really a black girl.”

Black Urban Female No Name

Black Urban Female is cerebral, remarkably bright, rough around the edges and above all, educational. She is a natural and searingly accurate real-world philosopher but below the shell and defenses is a woman with a secret wound. She has been traumatized by the abandonment of a long time lover that has left her devastated.

Black Asian No Name

Wealthy, publicly esteemed, and polished black Asian knows what it is to belong to the upper echelon’s of society and to be the quiet and polite symbol ever for filled woman she’s done it all her life. Until the casual divorce notice from her husband. Full of contempt, heartbreak and raw truth Black Asian has got nothing left to lose.

West African American No Name

The daughter of first generation West African immigrants, West African American knows what it is to be driven to success and succeed she has, at least academically. But beneath the highbrow of academic elitism is a little girl who is emotional needs were never met.

White Black Girl No Name

White Black Girl is Straight street. She can’t hide it. Raised by a black family since three after her white crack mom’s overdose, hardship is nothing new. She’s uncouth, abrasive explosive and direct she’s not one to turn down a fight when who she is called into question. She seems almost unbreakable into the death of her black mama the only word love in the world that she has and knows.

Exotic Ambiguous No Name

Exotic Ambiguous is an “it girl.” She knows it. Extraordinarily bright, observant, and intentional she knows that the attention bartering world of social media is a perverse and selfish place. Unbothered and educated on its mania at girls that look like her she succeeds at making the hunger games her greatest means. But how did this femme fatale for our times come to be who she? That is a story of loss that is not so… pretty.

Brown Latina No Name

Brown Latina is an Afro Latina but she doesn’t like to think about the African part. Her mother, and opinionated and shaming Dominican, indoctrinated her daughter from a very young age to have a living hatred for her dark roots namely her brown skin. Fiery & quick-tempered she’s a beacon of pathos especially in the wake of disturbing news.

Nowhere No Name

Nowhere is the only character that has no petty points based on identity to prove. A former foster child moved state to state and abused in every home she’s ever known, she is too broken to want to hurt anyone else even if it’s with nothing more than opinion. She’s torn between compassion & fear of her husband whose pattern of abuse over the years have left her bereft of any sense of self. But don’t take her abuse history to mean and she’s a one dimensional figure out tragedy and nothing else, there’s a warmth & an old souled wisdom she finds within herself in even in her darkest hour. And her darkest hour has arrived.

Big Black Woman No Name

Big black woman seems to be all quick quips, beauty, and glamour but both the looks and jokes are a survival strategy of deflection. She wrestles with the pool of wanting to be desired & the fear of being seen sexually because of a childhood molestation. Size aside, she has huge decisions to make.

Crippled No Name

Crippled No Name is not at all what you think of her and she’s not afraid to tell you that to your face. Taking on ableism after years of staying silent what she says hurts because it’s never been said openly & it’s all true.